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Image by JJ Ying


This is a collection of design case studies as well as recent design projects,

showcasing my commitment to accessible and inclusive design.

Image of a laptop screen with the web version of the Midpoint project, as well as an image of a smartphone with the App version of project Midpoint.

I helped to create a financial literacy dedicated mobile app and responsive web portal for teens and their parents.
A 6-day hackathon FinTech challenge.

I created a unique mobile app ordering system in order to support customer needs and drive sales.
A mock project based on a San Francisco botanical and gift shop.

Image of a smartphone screen showing the Haight street app.
Image of a laptop screen showing the Echo website.

I designed a website in order to increase connection to the artist and incentivize pre-sales.
A real-world inspired project in partnership with RCA Records.

I redesigned a website for a local sign painter. The project included establishing branding, creating a lead funnel, and work gallery. The goal of this project was to create a minimal site that puts the users focus on the images and text. I developed a website as well as mobile web version.

Image of the spelled out signs website.
Image of the Baby Girl Botanicals website.

I developed a website for an herbal product company. This project included building out a full site, establishing brand identity, creating a logo, an eCommerce shop, and lead funnel. The focus was to create a whimsical and sophisticated website and mobile web version.

I redesigned a website in order to increase traffic and leads. I worked with the stakeholder to develop a new business strategy that felt easier to manage and allowed for growth. The project also required developing the branding and logo.

Image of the Calibration Fitness website
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