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My Role


This was a FinTech challenge project in a Designathon competition. The challenge presented to me and my teammate was "How might we explore how to improve financial literacy". We were given 6 days to complete the project, including research, prototyping an app flow, and creating a presentation video. 

Through our research which included in-person interviewing and remote polls, we discovered that teens and young adults did not feel confident in their knowledge of finances. The solution my teammate and I created was an educational app for teens which uses video lessons, mini-podcasts, live workshops, and a Discord community. We also created an example prototype for a web portal that is aimed at parents who can read reviews and learn more about the app. The web portal is also the hosting site for potential instructors, and all of the educational content is available on the web in order to be accessible for users who do not own smart phones.

Testing revealed that teens connected to the TikTok-style video lessons and were excited about the idea of a Discord server where they could connect with other students. When asked if this was an app they would use regularly our polls indicated that 4 out of 5 users ages 12-18 would most likely use this app once a day. 

Quote from user testing feedback:

“I feel like my school doesn't really teach me about financial stuff like about checking accounts and taxes, this is stuff we need to know! I wish this app was real, I would definitely use this.”

UI Design lead; assisted with research and testing, branding, concept building.

Figma, Miro, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Zoom.

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