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Echo is an up-and-coming Grammy-winning artist about to release her second single and sophomore album. RCA Records wants to launch her into the spotlight and into the public eye through a website that draws in new and old fans alike.


This was a real-world-inspired project in partnership with RCA Records. The artist Echo is a fictional musician created by the staff at RCA Records.

Stakeholder Goals

  • Promote pre-saving for Echo’s second single “Angels”

  • Build a connection between visitors and the artist through Echo’s personal story and behind-the-scenes content.

  • Keep fans informed of Echo’s latest updates via mailing list and social media connection.


I designed a website in order to increase connection to the artist and incentivize pre-sales, all aligning with her brand. 

Quote from user testing feedback:

“I really love the special icons you can download if you pre-save. I have never pre-saved an album before but I definitely would if I could get something cool like that”

My Role

I was responsible for creating the design’s for Echo’s new website over the course of 4 weeks. I teamed up with stakeholders and visual artists from RCA Records, team lead Elizé Todd, with support and feedback from designers participating in this Adobe Experience Lab project.



Competitive Analysis, Prototyping, User Interviews, Usability Testing, Affinity Mapping.

Adobe XD, Miro, Google Forms, Google Slides, Zoom.

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