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Haight St. 




My Role



Haight St. is a San Francisco-based flower shop that has been in operation for sixty years. They have decided to rebrand and build an app in order to keep up with the growing population of the area. They offer botanicals and gifts from local growers and artisans.

*A mock project.

Create an app for Haight St. that aligns with their brand, allows users to easily place orders with multiple delivery options, and is accessible with multiple language options.

The app makes people feel comfortable and at ease while shopping.

They are able to easily place multiple orders for different recipients, and the language options are inclusive for the diverse population of San Francisco.

Quote from user testing feedback:

“Visually I would describe this app as - delicious, I love the warm and simple aesthetic. I also really love that I can place an order for flowers for both my mother and my sister, I haven’t seen that ability before”

UX Designer, conception to delivery.

Competitive Analysis, Prototyping, User Interviews, Usability Testing, Affinity Mapping.

Figma, Miro, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Zoom.

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